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It was interesting..though it became repeative but ok!Well the ending was confusing!


Great atmosphere and use of sound. The ending though, considering how it's meant to end, you can just run away and go on a scooby doo chase forever if you want.


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah the ending was a bit of a rush job, maybe one day we'll go back and fix it up

My video on Invasive.

Interesting game, though I think I wasted a lot of time because I couldn't figure the switch thing out and kept repeating that scene of the doors needing to be opened. I couldn't figure out what to do in the end, so I wound up dying. I pulled the switch and it said "A door has opened" or something, so I went up the stairs (the voice kept mentioning a light, and that was the only lit up area), but there was just a wall in the way, and that monster appeared there and started chasing me. Not sure how to escape.

This game was fun! It did a decent job of building a scene, and making you want to make your way through the creepy setting!

There was a slight slow down in the middle section, where I could tell the game was trying to lull me into a false sense of security, by the player and having nothing happen for a while. But things do start picking up again, and there's some creepy moments and couple of good scares in there!

I had a little fun at the end, with the enemy, which i've seen other people comment on so i know why it happened. But it's nothing major. Great work!

Here's my game play for those interested (second game, time stamps in the decription):


Wow, I really loved your sound design and how you used sounds in this game. There was a lot of tension created through it. It kind of went nowhere in the ending so that was a little disapointing. Also repetition of locations almost killed it for me but I get the idea behind it. But man I've got to say it I really loved your atmosphere and your backstory went in the right direction. Solid entry for sure.

I was a little confused by this one. The ending was getting pretty good (I think it was the end) but the first part is so repetitive. I'm not sure what that was for. And I couldn't figure out what to do when the monster was chasing me but then I saw a switch when I was editing the video, so I'm guessing that's what I was looking for. I missed it during the chase. Not a bad game though. It was starting to feel scary but I was unsure of what I was doing pretty much the whole time.


Thanks for the feedback and for playing! We had to rush the ending a bit to make it in time for the jam deadline so I'm not surprised it's bugged + confusing. Gonna try to fix it up over the next few days

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LOVE RETRO ...but confunsed ending...

Thanks for playing and providing feedback! We're going to try and rework the ending to make it a bit more clear on what you need to do

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ending ... no escape? or trap ?----no easy for me

It was just a bug that trapped the player, should be fixed now although after watching your playthrough I don't think you missed much!