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This game will give you carpal tunnel.
-- My roommate
I made the mistake of playing Typing Champ and now my hands are ruined forever.
-- A brave fan
I hate Typing Champ, it made me bleed.
-- My brother


1. Combat is turn based, you need to fill your stamina bar before you can even think about making a move. You do that by typing in words correctly! Get an entire sentence correct and you'll gain extra stamina!

2. You have 2 options during combat, Attacking and using your Special:

    - When Attacking you'll be given the opportunity to deal some extra damage by typing out a REALLY HARD WORD. The more letters you get correct on this FREAKING HARD WORD the more bonus damage you'll deal! Your base damage is calculated by the amount of strength you have so if you want to hit harder be sure to level up your strength!

    - A Special can be passive or active and you can only have 1 equipped at a time (this can be done via the main menu in between fights). If you have an active special equipped then it can be used during your turn by typing Special! Passive specials are always active so you don't have to worry about em!

3. You gain S-Points in between each fight. S-Points can be used to level up your stats from the main menu! Need more health? Just use some S-Points to bump up your Vitality!


  • VITALITY - This stat determines your health, if you need more health upgrade the heck out of this stat!
  • ENDURANCE - This is your defense in a nutshell. Is the enemy attack whooping your butt? Add some more Endurance and you'll be good to go!
  • STRENGTH - This determines how much damage you'll be dealing on base attacks, always smart to throw some points into Strength!
  • AGILITY - The more Agility you have the less words you'll need to answer correctly before you can make another move!


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Hello There I managed to do a gameplay video of the game for those who may be interesting seeing gameplay of the video before downloading it. I really enjoyed the game and do recommend it.


Well done its kind of a learning expierence! I liked it a lot and if you are not that good at writing fast or without looking this might help a little bit